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Innovation has always been at the heart of our Company. Our brand La Scolaire is the proof of this, as it was created thanks to two important innovations: the swimming belt and the swimming board.
La Scolaire has been innovating since 1970 in teaching materials to always allow a better learning of swimming, it is at the origin of Babies Swimmers and has developed many products of Aquagym.

The image of our brands La Scolaire, StratéO and Equina has always been linked to the quality of its products. Thanks to demanding processes and thanks to our experience, all the products we offer are of professional quality and access to longevity.
We attach great importance to French manufacturing, which is why almost all La Scolaire brand products are made in France.

We attach particular importance to your expectations and listen to your needs. We respond to all your requests and problems and we adapt to them.
We regularly develop specific products at the request of Directors of Pools, Heads of Basins, Coaches, facing a specific need or needs. Listening to your needs has been an integral part of our business since its inception. We are Supplier but also Partner.

Environmental compliance has always been part of our company's values. To reduce our carbon footprint, we re-use for example all the packaging that can be, apply selective sorting, are constantly looking for energy savings. Finally, our carriers are rigorously selected and committed to a strong CSR approach.

Our partners

Our history


Our company was set up in 1927 by Joseph PAPIER in Tourcoing. He created the first swimbelt and kickboard in ebonite foam.


He registered the trademark La Scolaire Tourquennoise in 1945. We owe the name of the brand to the pedagogical revolution represented by the swimming belt and the swimming board at the time.


Bring pedagogy in the pool

In 1976, Didier FRANCE took over the company. Grandson of the founder of the company, he has for objective to develop the pedagogical tools which are use to teach swimming while listening to pool professionals.


More than a simple foam

In 1978, he introduced the Plaztazote foam in the range of La Scolaire Tourquennoise. The trademark Equina was created in 1989 and regroups all the swimming equipment.


Following the development of business, the company builded a new building in which it moved in 2010. This new building being located in Wattrelos, La Scolaire Tourquennoise became La Scolaire.


In 2010, the first online store Equina Shop is created to meet the needs of individual swimmers looking for our products. The trademark StratéO is created in 2010. It takes up the whole of the stratified-compact range then proposed by La Scolaire. StratéO will develop products differentiating as much by their qualities as by their finishes.


After several years of collaboration, La Scolaire signed in 2014 the exclusive distribution of the products of Beco Beerman, a German company specialized in the equipment and equipment of Aquagym and Aqua-Fitness.


In 2015, Charles France, eldest son of Didier France, joined the management of the company.


In 2017 and 2018, the company decided to redesign websites such as La Scolaire and Equina Shop to better meet the expectations of visitors. It also creates StratéO's website and the company's website.

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